4 Key Elements

Whether you hire us or not there are 4 key elements that you should not compromise on.

1. Use individuals and companies that are licensed, bonded, insured, and lead-certified

Although it is not necessarily a guarantee of experience or quality, these important documents show some legitimacy (take a look at ours so you know what to look for). Being able to provide them should be of concern to you. They show that a company understands the rules and requirements of the trade and has a level of responsibility and liability. Don’t wait for someone to get hurt or something to get damaged on the job to understand the importance of working with a legally operating contractor.

2. Use individuals and companies that are experienced and who provide references and portfolios

You would not believe the stories that we hear. Many clients have hired us to remedy the shortfalls of individuals and companies that were unable to deliver on their commitments. Along with proof of all the required legal documentation, we encourage everyone to get references and contact several of them (not just one or two) and really ask them the questions that concern you. Get photographs of “before” and “after” of several projects (not just one or two). Anyone that is professional and great at what they do will be grateful for the opportunity to share this with you and knows that you are doing the research to ensure a job well done. (Take a look at our Before & After Gallery for an example.)

Do not accept anyone who claims they do not have these things. In this day and age when every library has free computers, most everyone’s phone has a camera, and access to copy machines is plentiful, putting together the most minimal marketing tools should be a given.

3. Use quality materials

Your home is a great financial investment. It does not make sense to compromise on quality, and you might be surprised to find out the cost difference is not much and may even be nothing at all. I like to think in terms of doing the best that can be done using the best of what is available.

4. Prioritize the health and well-being of your home and family

What could be more important than the health of ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world? There are ways to be mindful of risks without having to take on extensive training and education and research. Be an expert or be an expert at hiring experts.