All Seasons Exteriors

Year Round Exterior Painting

“Seattle?? It rains nine months of the year in Seattle.” – from the film Sleepless in Seattle

Sure we get our rain in the beautiful Northwest, but we also get fairly mild temperatures throughout the year. That means with the proper techniques, home exteriors can be painted at any time, in any season. Most people think of exterior work as summer work, but that can be very limiting. Contractors, especially good ones, are often booked up, and the timing may not work for you. For example, selling, refinancing, or renting your home can happen any time.

How does it work?

The primary concerns are keeping moisture off of the surface and not working when the temperature is lower than 35 degrees. Wedgewood-Tarped We start by taking clear plastic sheeting and clipping it to the gutters/roofline.

Then we attach twine to the edge of the sheeting and “tent” the plastic down and away from the house to allow adequate working space, Wedgewood-Tarped proper water retention, drainage, evaporation, air circulation, and ventilation.

When it is not raining, we roll up the plastic and clip it to the roof, still having it accessible and easily rolled back down.

Don’t worry – there is an opening for the homeowner to get in and out of the house!

How come you offer this service and most other paint contractors don’t?

We put in the time and research on with the technicians of several Northwest paint manufacturers so we know how different materials will behave under these circumstances. As a result, we have enjoyed successful experience with our “off-season” exterior work, and as with all our work, we guarantee your satisfaction 100%.