Benefits of Choosing Us

Labor & Industries is relentless in its efforts to find those that are operating outside the boundaries of legitimacy, yet there is always a market for someone who can do it faster, cheaper and with less red tape than contractors with legally formed and operating businesses.

Some of those operating outside the legal structure can offer quality services and do so safely and efficiently. The challenge is with those that do not have the essential knowledge and experience, and therefore do not produce work of even reasonable quality and do not work safely. Often, the customer does not realize until it is too late that the lure of upfront savings has led to financial tragedy, such as work that must be redone, an on-the-job (and on-your-property) injury, or unintended property damage.

Today, almost all exterior painting (and more and more so in interiors) is done by the method of spraying. We are one of the very few companies that continue to do a majority of exterior work and all interior work by the old craft method of brushing and rolling. Companies who spray claim to “back brush” or “back roll” the paint, but if done at all, they are essentially just sliding the paint over the sprayed surface. The reason is that spraying is more of a surface application, as opposed to brushing and rolling methods which push the product deeper into the grain of the material and create a seal with more strength and longevity.

As a company concerned with health and the environment, we dislike spraying for several reasons. The method uses more paint than old craft brush and roller methods due to the percentage that ends up in the air. An incredible amount of plastic is required to battle the over-spray, which is then rolled up and tossed into the garbage. There are dangers particularly associated with paint sprayers, such as occupational asthma and high pressure injection injuries, often from a pinhole leak in the sprayer hose or from an attempt to clear a blocked hose. According to OSHA (*see OSHA Fatal Facts: Hydraulic Pressure), the paint can be shot into the person’s body at “close to the muzzle velocity of a gun.” Of course, these hazards increase with individuals who lack training, experience, and well-maintained equipment. Besides the issues with application, spraying generally results in mediocre to poor quality work. It takes very little effort to point out the inadequate amount of coverage that much of the cedar siding on new construction receives from the spray method. From the standpoint of time and profit for the builder, it may seem better than old school methods, but tends not to be the best choice for the people who will live there.

One of our company’s core beliefs is that all projects should be done with a high degree of quality. Providing that level of quality requires attention and expertise in set-up and preparation. We understand that proper preparation is every bit as important to the look of the final outcome of the project as the painting itself. We use tried and true methods every step of the way for a result you can rely on.