Our Consultation Package

The heart of our consultation is giving a professional-level boost to the do-it-yourselfer.

The process looks like this:

  1. Initial meeting. We would meet with you at the jobsite to determine what you wish to do, your capacities and limitations, your expectations and any initial questions you might have. In turn, we would share any initial insights or advice that we have with you. We would talk about what tools, materials, and equipment you would need to accomplish your goals along with advice, information on their functions, and resources for acquiring them, such as tool lending libraries or our own supplies.
  2. Step-by-step guidance. Next, we would create a step-by-step guide for you with instructions and detailed information from the beginning of the project through completion. We would take you through the entire process: set-up, tear-down, clean-up, disposal, safety, and any issues that came up at our meeting. We would check that you feel comfortable with the tools, materials, and equipment involved in your project.
  3. Ongoing support. Now that you are ready to tackle that project, we would take your start date and estimate a projected timeline with logical points for us to check in with you. Of course, you would be welcome to contact us at any time after starting the work on your own with any questions you might have – we are easy to reach by phone or email. Before project completion, we could meet with you once in person, one time, in order to provide any instruction or feedback. As you may have already found out, unexpected twists and new questions can pop up along the way on home improvement projects!
  4. Completion. When the work has been completed to your satisfaction, we could look over the project with you, provide any feedback or further assistance, and then discuss the best way to maintain the project at its best into the future.