Customer reviews

Generally, all of our clients are graciously willing to serve as referrals to our service. Since we make it a point not to post their identifying information on our website, please let us know if you wish to contact our past clientele. We will be happy to put you in touch.

Steve from Everett

I am thoroughly impressed with Darryl’s attention to detail, meticulousness, experience, and sense of pride when it comes to his work. I wouldn’t even consider another service when it comes to painting. I know Darryl is going to do the best job possible! I have had some experience with other contractors and wasn’t always happy with their follow-through; however, I found Darryl to be reliable, honest, and committed to getting the job done as stated. I trust that Darryl will do what he says, and in my experience that can be a rare thing when it comes to contractors!

Jutta & Deb from Capitol Hill

Great job working within our time constraints Neat, clean up always meets our expectations (which is high) Quick worker Strong environmental commitment Establishes a relationship with customers & this helps build trust.

Joe & Bill from West Seattle

I was not only completely satisfied, but very impressed with Darryl’s work for us … and I have to admit we are a tough couple to please!

The thorough prep work he did before painting was more detailed and efficient than expected. He actually went above and beyond a few times in the course of his work for us (we had some pretty severe water damage to our garage door which he mended, patched and painted; as well as replacing some screen work for the attic exposed to the outside which had some birds finding their way in). He was efficient with his work and we are very happy with what he did. We even had him come back and refinish our deck as well – and again he did a detailed, stellar job. Would definitely use him again Let me know if you have any other questions, and I’d be happy to answer them for you.

Mike from Crown Hill

What I liked best about Healthy Painting, L.L.C. was Darryl’s attention to detail. Painting can be a testing project when it comes to preparation and many painters will spend less time prepping than they do painting. The end result is invariably mistakes and flawed lines. Darryl’s work is perfect.

It gets back to preparation. Plus, Darryl was very agreeable to work with us in our choice of color, which was a very rare color. And that color worked out beautifully. And I appreciated Darryl coming back a couple days later to check on the color after the paint had a chance to dry completely. He is a breath of fresh air in a business that spends more of its time “turning and burning” clients. I recommend Darryl to anyone who wants a truly exceptional painting experience. We plan to hire Healthy Painting for any projects we may have again.

Nick & Elaine from North Seattle

Not only were you incredibly courteous, you also were so clean throughout the process. The efficiency and cleanliness during your prep and painting was spectacular.

Linda & Howard from Montlake

  • Pleasant and considerate owner and painters.
  • Particularly flexible in accommodating health issues.
  • Emphasis on non-toxic paint.

Fran from Seatac

We liked the excellent quality of your work and the thorough clean-up.

Ross & Sheri from Greenwood

Really recommend Darryl for all your painting needs. He is very experienced and communicates well in the process. There were some large parts of drywall that I had not looked at that needed repair before painting could begin. Rather than just paint over it, Darryl brought it to my attention and repaired them. Darryl is detail oriented in the painting process and very clean and neat with the end clean up. Don’t hesitate to give him a call.

Tim & Allen from Beacon hill

  • Up front and honest with price quotes
  • Very careful attention to detail
  • Post project follow-up
  • Scheduled time frame for work being done was right on the mark
  • Working with eco friendly, non caustic materials

Brian from Arbor Heights

I am confident it is done 100% correct! I expect that, and you deliver that.

Betty from Vashon

It was done in a timely manner & at an agreed upon price. Thank you, Darryl (clean up was impeccable!)

Janeann from Crown Hill

Darryl showed up at the condo at approx. 8:45 with everything he needed, from paint to drop-cloths and painter’s tape… Darryl was done by 2:30 p.m. His work was fantastic, with straight lines and zero imperfections. I would recommend Darryl and Healthy Painting to anyone. Great Job!!

Patrick & Jennifer from Vashon

Job done when it was asked to be, no smelly paint.

Rita & Larry from West Seattle

(What did you like best about the job Healthy Painting completed for you?) Choice of paints – Good communication. Responsible and caring business owner. Trustworthy! The service seemed more personal & caring versus “just business.”

Patrice from Woodinville

Great, very professional job.

Teru from Seahurst

Dependable and did a very neat and super job of painting the house & deck area. Notified us about wood rot so it could be repaired before painting. Quality work – even came on a Sunday to put an extra coat of paint on the front door. Always took pride in their work.

Dorothy & Robin from Seward Park

Healthy Painting did a thorough job of cleaning our decks, then applied 2 coats of oil finish by hand.

Farida & Tony from Madrona

I appreciated the care and attention to the quality of the job and the fact that you were willing to make it work, especially since what you had offered the school auction was different from what the auction actually posted. Thanks so much for fielding our daughter’s questions while you worked!

Emile from Bellevue

I liked using Eco paints. Darryl kept the work area clean during & after. The walls look great. Thanks!

Jo & Dick from West Seattle

(What did you like best about the job Healthy Painting completed for you?)

Quality of work Good follow up Competitively priced

Eric & Mary from Alki Beach

Great job at prepping my bathroom! Darryl was very responsible with his work and cleaned up great.

Joe from Snoqualmie

I thought Darryl was very thorough & cared enough to do a great job. You cared about your work. I think you did a great job for us.

Jennifer from West Seattle

I loved your Work Darryl! We enjoy the details of your painting job many times a day!! And enjoyed visiting with you while you were here. Dibs Well spent!! Highly recommend!!!

Bettina from Burien

Darryl called when he said he was going to, came when he said he was going to, did a GREAT job, AND he’s a great guy! What more do you want?! He redid my wood block kitchen counters (not his usual work) and prepped, primed and painted my bathroom. I’m happy with all of it and highly recommend him to anyone. In fact, I already have! Thanks, Darryl 🙂