How We Are Unique

It’s more than just being a painting business:

Ours is not a production-based business, but rather one that is focused on service and relationship.

It’s about doing a fantastic job with great products in a safe and healthy manner that embodies the intention of educating and inspiring others toward possibilities for greater well-being for themselves and the world around them that they may not have considered in other areas of their lives.

It’s not just about making a profit and being successful. It’s about continuing to find something to be excited about in the work we have been involved in for more than 3 decades. We continue to witness many changes and know that we are making a difference.

Our employees are our partners in creating these changes, and that makes them far more than just laborers for the company. Therefore, it’s important that everyone involved in the business have a general understanding and commitment to our intention and purpose. We do not “sub out” or use separate people or sources to do any portion of any job, so clients are assured they are getting us at every step, from estimates through clean-up.

32 years of painting experience with 32 years of environmental commitment:

Having more than 32 years of experience and earning a great reputation is something that we have a tremendous amount of gratitude towards and do not at all take lightly.

As the company owner, I began my illustrious painting career began in 1978 as a high school student in Cleveland, Ohio. From very early on, I had a deep interest and commitment to the environment as it relates to this field of work. This way of thinking and working was very contrary to where society was at in 1970’s northeast Ohio. In 1980, I spent a year in the California Conservation Corps as an 18-year-old. This was my initial introduction to the world of conservation & environment, along with all of its challenges and possibilities. Although the west coast had already been many years into the setting of standards for the industry regarding the use of safer and healthier paints, air quality and product ingredients, the midwest was holding on strong to its old fashioned ideas. Things have certainly begun to change, yet when I left Cleveland, it was still possible to put most anything imaginable out by the curb to be picked up and thrown into the landfills (and that was literally “anything”). It was a frighteningly common practice not so many years prior for contractors to pour thinner, solvents, and leftover paint behind their clients’ garages or into the sewers.

At Healthy Painting, LLC, we have long since taken on an environmental consciousness and action in our business structure, not just by buying different products, but by doing research, meeting with product manufacturers, and practicing it in all areas of our lives. We believe and realize that ecological responsibility goes far beyond our business and it is part of life as a whole.

Quality products and relationships with manufacturers, suppliers, and others.

Today, more than ever, consumers are seeking out greener products. Whether it’s for the health of their families or the health of their planet, people want goods and services that are genuinely more sustainable. Businesses have taken note and green advertising has increased almost tenfold in the last 20 years. Not surprisingly, the green movement has given rise to a number of “green washing” lawsuits by consumers against businesses. “Green washing,” although defined differently by different groups, is essentially the act of misleading consumers regarding the practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service. We appreciate how difficult it can be to determine what companies are truly offering environmentally sound products and services and what companies would gladly pour that leftover solvent behind your garage.

We make it a point to do in-depth research and maintain relationships with the manufacturers and companies that provide the products and materials which we use. We have deep knowledge of products we use and access to knowledge of an extensive range of products (saving you the trouble of having to do the research) because we maintain a dialogue with the manufacturing technicians, solicit feedback and insight on how to apply and use their products in the healthiest and safest manner and the proper ways they are intended to be used. We believe this is crucial for the health and well-being of yourself, your family, and your friends, as well as your pets and your neighborhood.

Part of being responsible is not always knowing what to use; it is often knowing what not to use!

We have accumulated an extremely diverse list of individuals, businesses, vendors, manufacturers and organizations that provide services, make and sell products that equal our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. We share information with each other when we discover or learn of better way of doing things, and then pass that on to others by helping and educating those in need.

Recycling, disposal, and hazardous waste management

We remove all work site-generated and laborer-produced refuse from the work site and properly recycle and dispose of it. We do not just take it home and throw it in the garbage. We are happy to educate our clients as to the best manner in which to dispose of and recycle painting and painting-related materials, as well as anything that needs to be parted with in a safe and responsible manner.

We have met with one of the heads of Seattle’s Hazardous Waste Management and learned in detail what they will take, what they do with it, the good and bad about what people do and don’t do with their hazardous products, and the safest ways for us to wash out our equipment and store and dispose our jobsite waste and debris.

Old craft brush and roller application

We don’t use paint sprayers at healthy painting, except for very rare occasions. Paint spraying has tremendous issues in terms of health, safety, waste, and quality.

We primarily use the old craft painting method of brush and roller application. We have found this generally complements the age, style, and look of a home.

We are Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and Individually and FIRM Certified for Lead.

Insurance and bonds for contractors are high, due to the many liabilities created by uninsured contractors as well as those who do have insurance, but do not have the training, experience, and commitment to operate a work site that is both productive and safe. We can not stress too strongly – no matter who you hire, please make sure they have these basics in order!

Many people may not even be aware of the current laws on lead abatement and FIRM certifications. They have been in effect since 2008 and became a mandatory requirement for those that work in our field, as well as many related fields, as of April, 2010.

Master Home Environmentalist Training, Healthy Homes Practitioner Training, auctions submissions and nonprofit fundraisers

One area where we really feel that we can claim our difference from that of other companies is the education and training we have completed beyond the requirements and that is very uncommon in our trade.

Though these are not legal requirements of the trade, we participate in educational classes programs and opportunities to learn new and potentially better ways to serve our clients and the industry as a whole. These are not workshops put on at the local hardware store over a lunch break – these are widely respected in-depth national health organization trainings.

Outside of the training arena, we serve the community by donating services to fundraising efforts of nonprofit organizations that are aligned with our values. We have submitted between 10 and 20 packages annually for many years.

Client Relationships:

We are proud that the foundation of our business has been built primarily on referrals. Please see our client testimonials and our 100% guarantee to understand why clients continue to refer us to friends and family.