Our Guarantee

Healthy Painting, LLC has always offered a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.


Should any client be dissatisfied with the outcome of a project, we will gladly discuss fixing or correcting any issue with a simple post project consult.

Being in the field since 1978 has afforded me the opportunity to experience every imaginable scenario regarding surface care, surface condition, and paint longevity. I have seen interiors that were ready for a re-coating after 6 months and walls that had not been painted in 20 years that looked like they had just been finished.

There are many factors that determine the initial need for, the level of quality, and projected longevity of a paint job:

  • The client’s expectations
  • How long since the last paint job
  • Who painted it last, what materials were used, and how well it was done
  • What kind of exposure is there to the elements
  • The age, condition, and overall quality of the structure

There are certainly many things that people can do to increase the longevity and quality appearance of their paintwork, yet the factors that determine the longevity of any paint job are not always in the control of the homeowner.

I believe that misunderstanding the actual present state of one’s own interior/exterior walls and surfaces and lack of general knowledge may be what makes people wait far longer than necessary to have work done. If let go “too long,” the condition may not allow any contractor in good conscience to be able to guarantee lastingness (regardless of who does the work). Paint work is not merely visual appeal. After a certain amount of time of being “let go,” there is a breakdown of integrity of the structure and surfaces become compromised. This is the generally the point at which a paint job turns into a restoration project.

In general, you should expect your interior and exterior finishes to last approximately 3 to 10 years, with normal wear and tear. If you live in an area with harsh winters or heavy rains, you should consider repainting every 3-5 years. *It is of utmost importance to not let an exterior paint job deteriorate too badly before it is repainted!* In doubt about the current state of your paint work? Contact us – we would be happy to come by and assess that for you.